Command line issues with radius/diameter in 6 WIP

I use excel to create sets of rhino commands to carry out all sorts of repetitive and mundane tasks. I’m currently testing some of my most commonly used scripts in WIP and I noticed that the circle and sphere commands work differently.

In R5 drawing a circle or sphere with a radius would look like:

-Circle 487.622009,639.282663,25.801 radius 0.3
-Sphere 487.622009,639.282663,25.801 radius 0.3

In R6 this doesn’t work. It seems that if I state “radius” when this was used previously then the remainder of command falls over. I want to state radius every time to ensure that no matter what was previously used all of my commands will use the radius.

Some commands such as rotate allow syntax such as Copy=Yes or Copy=No. This syntax (i.e. radius=0.3) doesn’t work for the radius either.

I’ve also noticed that the text command now uses the new annotation styles, but I can’t see any reason why the behavior of circle and sphere would have changed.

Have I missed something? Or is this is a bug? I hope its not an intentional change.

Hi Daniel - my guess is that this is fallout from the Radius, Length and SubCrv commands being made nestable (to allow you to select existing geometry to set a command line number) I’ll test your macros and see - hold on a bit.

Yep, this works:

-Sphere 487.622009,639.282663,25.801 r 0.3

I’ll see what we need to do about that - thanks.


Hi Pascal, thanks! Tested this and it works. :smiley:

But with multiple circles, once the radius is already selected rhino does complain, it just seems to move on still. Try:

-Circle 487.622009,639.282663,25.801 r 0.3
-Circle 487.549156,635.222084,24.482 r 0.3
-Circle 492.479276,635.298749,24.488 r 0.3

and you’ll get this in the command prompt.

Command: -Circle
Center of circle ( Deformable  Vertical  2Point  3Point  Tangent  AroundCurve  FitPoints ): 487.622009,639.282663,25.801
Radius <0.300> ( Diameter  Orientation  Circumference  Area  ProjectOsnap=Yes ): r
Unknown command: r
Radius <0.300> ( Diameter  Orientation  Circumference  Area  ProjectOsnap=Yes ): 0.3

Also isn’t r is just the shortcut for radius (i.e. the underlined letter shown in the command line) so shouldn’t either work? r works in 5 too.

Hi Daniel - the problem is this, if I am seeing clearly - if Radius is not a current option - as when it’s already been set - then the full word ‘Radius’ does not refer to an option and V6 now interprets this as the nestable Radius command. Just ‘r’ is nothing (though it could be an alias, which is even messier) so Rhino ignores it if there is not a Radius or other ‘R’ option actually available. Mikko may set us straight but off hand I do not see a good way out of this as things stand now.

@Daniel_Niziolek, Mikko (developer) reminded me that you can prefix a command line option with a “/” to force it to be read as a command line option even if it is not showing -

-Circle 487.622009,639.282663,25.801 /radius 0.3

That should get you out of the woods for now at least.


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