Round/fillet edges methods [Jewelery]

Hello World,
I’m Paul. I’m using Rhino since Rhino 3. I have mainly been designing jewelry since 2010.
In the past I have solved many of my problems by reading existing topic but it’s my first time posting here.
For years I have spent a lot of time making perfect 3D models for my clients. A well done rendering implies for me not to leave any sharp edge and I wasted a lot of time doing that. Not really lost because customers still see the difference when it comes to 3D printing … Smooth shapes and easy to clean castings.
But today I have a large project with a lot of design to create which requires me to spend less time on each one.

For example, I quickly drew this ring with a houndstooth pattern.

I am desperately looking for a solution to smooth the edges quickly in order to produce a quality rendering and future good 3D printing.
The easiest way to do this would have been to use render / effect / soften the edges but it only works for simple shapes …

So I think go through mesh :

here in render mode :

and I will now smooth it out :

And it doesn’t get any better in render mode :

Nor after a rendering of 500 ray tracing :

I tell myself that Rhino can do nothing for me this thime and I go to spend some time on meshlab
The best way I have found to get to the point quickly is :

Not so bad… back to Rhino now.
And it’s now mush better in render mode :

Let’s try to compute a render :

The result is now acceptable but there is still some defects such as a real surface tension of default. The problem is really annoying when you produce an animation, the fact of going through a mesh makes the ring look like a mirror ball :

I am glad to have shared with you my quest for the holy grail.
Could some of you explain here another method that will allow you to stay in NURBS or any other method using free software/add-on?

All the best,

Hi Paul - please post your file.


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type edgesoftening in command line and see if helps with that mesh. Not in Rhino right now but might be your friend on this and your other pieces. Oops maybe looks like you tried that. Disregard