Fillet Edges

Hi all,
I have a problem with fillet edges again.
I have just started learning rhino and designing jewellery in here.

The model at the attachment was modelled with 90 deg. curves. I used Loft to model the top surface and sweep2 for the side surfaces.

After making all surfaces, unioned them and then I wanted to fillet the edges. But it doesn’t work. I started the file by setting the tolerance which is 0.001.

Also, I tried to make the same model with filleted curves for the edge looks like a cog wheel. But this time. The sweep2 didn’t create the side faces.

I need a bit filleted edges all over the object. What is the best to do it?
What do you suggest to model this type of object?


Which edge are you trying to fillet?

Have you tried the different types of fillets (e.g. rolling ball, distance from edge)?

Have you tried reducing the fillet radius?

This will be the first thing to try.
Begin with really small ones, and try then step by step bigger radiuses.