Round eges

Hello guys,

do you know any way to make round edges for this shape that should be a swamp ?

Thank you !

Hello - the usual way would be to apply some kind of blend surface or fillet, but with your rather complex and choppy outline that could be a bit tedious - can you post that surface and the indent?


Hello Pascal, I can’t upload the .3dm file. I don’t know why. It is charging to 2% and then nothing…

Hi Louis - just export the surface and the cutout to a new small file and upload that- does that work?


hmm not working either… that is strange

Hi Louis - try uploading here: to my attention.


Hi Louis - I do not know how much leeway you have with the cutout shapes, but this is one way to get what you are after, I think.

FINAL_PG3.3dm (7.9 MB)

@louis-dup - the file is V5 now.


This is great thank you Pascal !
I can’t open your .3dm because I have Rhino 5.0 and your version is more recent. Could you upload it for my version ?
Also, I have to make it for the other cutouts, can you explain me how you made it ?

Thank you !!