Rounding Solid edges

Hello people,

I have a simple poly surface comprised of flat rectangular profiles. I would like to make it so that it follows roughly the same geometry, but with a rounded profile. I have tried turning it into a mesh and smoothing it, but that only seems to make the model thinner. I have tried using the SubD command, but I am not satisfied with the result (not very uniform).

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

Frame.3dm (415.0 KB)


I have given up on rhino’s filleting. Might try in Creo. However, It most likely wont work on such an irregular shape.

What you mean by “a rounded profile”, with all the little notches in there, is very vague, but without them it’s pretty easy, so do THAT, simplify your inner edge to a single smooth curve, recreate the overall shape, then trim it out.

What I mean is that, as it is designed here, it is meant to be laser cut from sheet metal. My client wants to see it if it were made out of metal wire.

That polysurface has a few short edges and creases, which aren’t exactly ideal for fillets. In case you’re using Rhino 6, you have access to Rhino 7 / WIP…

You can use the Quad Remesh command and turn your polysurface into a SubD. Attached is a quick try, the topology is quite good in my opinion.

Frame_SubD.3dm (1.3 MB)

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Unfortunately, I don’t have Rhino WIP, and my wi-fi is no where near fast enough to download it. Anyways, this looks exactly like what I’m am looking for! Any chance you could share it in such way I could open it in rhino 6? Thanks!

But that doesn’t look anything like bent wire, or multiple pieces of bent wire welded together. You might represent that with Piped curves.

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I said wired to try getting the idea across, sorry if I hadn’t explained myself clearly. In this case the sheet metal would be tumbled finished to end up looking like this. The tiny notches are needed for assembly purposes. Matter of fact is, I only need the model to look like this for render purposes; it has no manufacturing valence. Unfortunately I cannot open WIP files!

Frame_SubD_6.3dm (11.9 MB)

SubD converted into NURBS

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Thank you so much!