Trouble with TextureMapping for wood furniture

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble setting the correct orientation of a material in a wooden furniture. Not really sure how this is done, but I grouped the parts by similarity, I believe rotation values and scales will vary across each group.

Applied a surface mapping, type Box. Then I started testing a lot of numbers for scale and XYZ and UVW rotation. Not sure if I should be using XYZ or UVW but then I am not sure which to use (if U, V or W).

As you can see from the image, the wood of the furniture is simply not right… Its really a pain to go changing values and rendering for each, is there a better way to do this?

I have something similar at home, and would like to achieve something like this:



Packed scene (only walls and wood furniture): (16.3 MB)

Thanks for any insight

To get your grain correct you need to UV map your geometry.

There are a number of videos out there - this is one:

The UV tools are pretty basic in Rhino but you can get by with them.

For the most realistic result, you should have a different material for the parts that shows the endgrain of the wood.
To do so in Rhino 5, you must extract these surfaces and apply the wood endgrain material to these and you can use a simple planar mapping.
For the remaining sides of the furniture, box mapping should work well.