Rotate View Around Selection

Simple question no doubt asked many times before. In fact, I found the solution long ago but can not find the preferences selection now. In my copy of MacRhino at work, I remember checking a selection box allowing me to rotate my view around any selected object(s). I just updated my home version of MacRhino, and now it rotates the World around some arbitrary axis (probably 0,0,0). But search as I might, now I can’t find the preference checkbox to default to rotating around a selected object. Can someone direct me to the global setting please? This same topic appears in a Google Search without an answer so clearly this is something others have sought to do. (Shouldn’t all the file preferences settings be in the “Preferences” window, or am I just being a spoiled MacHead who expects default settings to be in logical place?) Thanks.

Try Zoom Selected. That will change the view target point to the center of the selected object view.

Thank you John, I’ll try your suggestion. Am I mistaken about a previous default option to rotate about a selected object? I remember being very glad when I found it. Although I can’t find the selection box in my current work version of Mac Rhino, the option is still in effect and works great. Has it been removed for some reason? Thank you.

From the menu: View > Set Camera > Place target



Thanks Max. I’ll give it a try, but was wondering how to keep the window you displayed open at all times. I leave all my tools open (see attached) to cut down on menu hunting. I couldn’t seem to find a “Set View” window in my pallet options. Thanks! (Also, I was wondering if the Box Edit window position could be saved in the preferences file. The other tools open in the correct place in a new or saved file. But the Box Edit doesn’t remember it’s position. Just a suggestion :wink:

The name of the palette is “Set View”, you don’t have that one checked as active. Click on it, and click on “show active tool palettes”. That should bring it up.

Ha! Silly me - it’s right there. Thanks Max, I appreciate your input. :slight_smile: (But I still remember a setting to make “rotate around selected object” a default. I can only guess McNeel removed it for some reason…)

In Options > Modeling Aids > Gumball (I think is what you’re talking about).

The option is to check the second box “Rotate view around Gumball”.

YESSSSSS!!! Thank you WingNut! I knew I hadn’t lost my mind - that’s the input I found previously and was referring to! (Why doesn’t McNeel just say that explicitly? It’s the precise answer to the question “How do I rotate the view around the selected object?” Even in Google searches where people have the exact same question, no one has ever supplied that simple answer. Very curious…) Now don’t everyone flame me for this, but even looking at the excellent online documentation (love the animated examples), it took me an HOUR to find this Gumball input even after WingNut told me it existed. And that’s something McNeel really needs to know. (My toolbars are off to clean up the 4-view modeling windows, and the documentation refers to a gear widget (see attachment) which I can’t find anywhere and clicking on the Properties, Standard or Tools doesn’t help. From a Mac perspective, the “Menu-Tools-Options” shown doesn’t work either. There is no “Tools-Options” in the Menu bar at the top of the interface. All that’s needed is a graphic of the Gumball and an explanation that the “white circle on the stick” will bring up the Gumball Settings Options. But that brings me to my following suggestion.

I’m seriously addicted to MacRhino and the MATH is truly amazing. But the interface really lets the product down, even though it is (apparently) miles better than the PC version (from what PC users themselves have written). The inconsistencies are very frustrating. The settings are scattered all over the place and impossible to find. The “layer” organization is outdated going back to the early days of 2D design programs and makes sense for old vellum overlay drawings (yes, I’m that old). But for organizing hundreds or thousands of 3D objects, it’s very inadequate. I spend ages moving, copying, and shifting objects from layer to layer to layer. It’s outdated and awkward to have a layer system where you can’t see what’s in each layer on an item by item basis. But I digress.

Can McNeel please consider placing ALL the settings in the Preferences Window in a logical manner? I don’t think it would be a major modification to just add some more tabs and checkboxes for the necessary inputs. I suppose I know the response, but after wasting hours looking for settings scattered throughout the software I had to bring it up. Regardless, I love the product but just wish the interface was more consistent. Thanks again WingNut. I’m sure I will now forever remember where the Gumball setting is located.

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Hehe…glad I could help! McNeel, if you’re listening, I’d love to move to Seattle. :grin:

thanks wingnut

Kind of the same question, the rotating around selection works with the suggestions above, using gumball or zoom selected… but previously this worked without an extra step… any hints on how I can re activate this?

The command is MoveTargetToObjects, so maybe you could store that as an alias or keyboard shortcut.
Then pick the object and enter.