"Rotate Relative to View" buggy?

I am new to Rhino but experienced with other packages.

I read this guide http://www.sefpinney.com/getting-started-with-rhinocerosx-like-a-pro/

which details how to set up preferences to rotate about an object by choosing Preferences > View > Rotate Relative to View. This issomething that I really find helpful in other packages e.g. typing F in Maya reframes the viewport around the selected objects and sets the selected objects as the centre to dolly the viewport.

I was pleased to find this in the article, but it doesn’t work for me. Is this a bug?

i think i misinterpret the meaning of Rotate Relative to View because it sounds like the way i want to navigate except when i select that preference, i get lost in space…
i like the default ‘around world axis’ because it’s more like a turntable or the ‘ground’ stays level…

that said, it sounds like you want the zoom selected function in order to recenter your object in the viewport and have the rotation center around that object…

there’s a macro for it by default… select an object then type ZS (then return or spacebar)… there’s also an icon for it in the standard toolbar which looks like a magnifying glass with two yellow dots inside of it.

my cursor seems to lose focus (i really don’t know the proper wording for this stuff :wink: ) of objects while i’m drawing with a trackpad on my laptop much more easily than it does if i’m drawing with a mouse… because of that, i have a couple of gesture triggered zoom macros on my laptop and i’m constantly adjusting my view with those…

i should really just sit down and figure out the differences between the two setups (mouse vs trackpad)… i imagine running the _Camera -> Show command then watching what happens to it in the plan viewports while navigating in the perspective viewport would give a little insight.

Yep, as Jeff said, ZS (Zoom Selected) will perform as F does in Maya (centers view on selected object and allows you to rotate around it). I use this hundreds of times a day, I suspect. :smile:

To add to this, ZSA (Zoom Selected All) will recenter the object in all windows, if you’re working in split screen. ZE (Zoom Extents) and ZEA (Zoom Extents All) may also be of interest, since these do the same with all objects in a scene.


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Ok. Thanks