Will Rhino ever have a "real" face rotate like autocas ACIS?

Autocad has the ability to rotate a solid’s face maintaining the adjacent planes intact.
Like so:

Will rhino ever have something like this? It’s extremely useful

Shear can do this. Just sub-select (Shift + Ctrl) the face you want to modify, call shear, your first pick is like the rotation center, and can be picked in any viewport, the second pick will set the axis to “rotate” the face about, very similar to the rotate command, so you will want to make sure you are picking it in the appropriate viewport. For something like this you will want to be sure Ridged=no


I’m not sure how autocad gets the user input but:

For the ‘CTRL not pressed’ case:

Sub select the top face and 3d rotate around the red line axis (just the edge of the “E”):


For the ‘CTRL pressed once’ case then as SamPage says the shear command seems to do this.

It’s not the same. It wouldn’t work if side faces are not vertical

Actually rhino doesn’t even do first option in the picture, only the third that completely distorts the side plane.

Would be nice to be able to define the rotation axis in “shear” (by 2 points) instead of having to be in a view perpendicular to it thought.

Any script for this?


Yeah that is more complicated than the first challenge. I don’t know how this could be done without knowledge of how the gap was made…some order of operations or something…I guess maybe you could try to project all points onto the modified surface and rebuild it but that seems like it would be pretty involved.

Unfortunately I just feel that rhino development is stalled.
I don’t even understand how V6 is justified. What’s the real difference between V5 and V6? Or V4 for that matter??
This privately-held, employee-owned company is starting to feel a lot like a russian state-owned company :frowning:

The strength of ranting is proportional to the love for the product. People wouldn’t complain without deep feelings for Rhino :slight_smile:

So true! Rhino is a blessing.

Now hurry up and make it better, please…:wink:


they’re not gonna do it. Everybody loves a rent :frowning:

I am not sure I understand correctly your question, but with Xirus it is straightforward to manipulate deformers and transformations. We have uploaded an example to our youtube channel (without your red cover surface but it is irrelevant for our illustration purpose):

You’ll find more examples on our website www.mirrakoi.com .

–Pablo [Head R&D Mirrakoi]

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@Pablo_Garcia-Amorena your examples show the same problem, when you rotate a face the face stays the same size and the extrusion is modified. Using something like Fusion when you rotate the face the face changes size and the extruded sides are trimmed or extended to the new position of the face. So a simple example, extrude a rectangle with a 5° draft and then rotate the top face.

With Rhino you get this, red part is the original.

With Fusion the 5° draft is maintained on all sides of the extrusion.

Both versions have their uses but neither program can do both automatically.