[Rookie] I think I've got some problems while following the "villa savoye" tutorial

After I generated a slab from the boundry curve, I was just confused by the Thickness settings and don’t know how to assign a specific value to it…anybody may I ask for to help on this problem? :confounded:

Hi John,
You just need to type the value of that slab thickness over the “Slab Layer 1” field, in the properties panel, which is currently defined “by Style” in your screenshot.

Slabs can have their layers thickness defined by style (you can edit them from the slab styles dialog vaSlabStyles) or by slab object individually. Have a look at this video for more details: https://youtu.be/b1BSiS2Eh1M (minute 6,28)

Thanks fsalla :smiley:

followed your hints and now get a disired result !!


Me too !!! I’ve been using Rhino for a while and thought I would whip through the Visual Arq Villa Savoye model. But I’m stuck almost at the beginning. Version 1.9 is different than the tutorial. When placing columns the tutorial has several columns to choose from. But my version only has square columns to choose from. Do I have to create every type of column on my own? Where are all the column choices that are in the tutorial?


Hi @marchitect,
If you start a new document from a VisualARQ template, you will see all column and the other VisualARQ object styles library. This tip adds more information about how to import/export styles from one document to another: http://www.visualarq.com/support/tips/1890/
Best regards,

Hello @fsalla,

I’m also new to VisualARQ and was starting to go through the tutorial but I couldn’t find the the vila savoye plans to insert in the model. It’s probably doable without them, or I could use some other plans from the web, but it would be nice to have the jpg to insert. Is it possible?


Hi Filipe,
You can find the plans in the following link: http://www.urbipedia.org/index.php/Villa_Savoye

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Hey would you be so kind and share your 3dm file of the villa? I would need it for a personal project of mine and dont have the time to follow through the tutorial :slight_smile: would be kindly appreciated

Hi @Niklas_Ebert, you can download it from the video tutorial’s page: Video tutorial - VisualARQ