Roof line visibility

I have just started to use VARQ, so please forgive my (possibly) stupid question

take a look at this image:

As you can see, I am able to see the roofline of the two small roofs and the garage roof, but not the big roof in the ground floor plan. This is because it is to high to be considered relevant for the ground floor level.
Is there anyway how I can make this roofline visibly in the ground floor plan?
I do not want to trace it manually…



Hi Andreas,
Check out the “Plan visibility” settings of that roof and make sure it is set to “Projection and overhead”:

The overhead representation will be visible only in plan views when the Cut plan is activated and if that roof is located inside the limits of the level you are showing in plan view. In your screenshot I see you have just one level, so the roof should be visible in that plan view.

Hi Francesc,

It is set to “projection and overhead” ,
As you can see in the sreenshot, I have 2 levels, I want to see the roofline of the large roof in the ground level plan…



Maybe there should be some thing to give the user more control like an object properties based override “show this object as dotted line in: xxx” (xxx would be a drop down where the user could choose on which levels it would show up…)

Yes, we can add more flexibility to let the user decide in which level objects show their overhead attributes. I’ll let you know when this feature comes true.
By the way, you can control the overhead display attributes in Rhino Document Properties > VisualARQ:

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so, while we wait for you guys to implement something, I found a workaround which is not too cumbersome:

I created a new building in the level manager with just one level and used this for the ground floor plan:

Rooflines ! :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to give regular Rhino geometry the same attributes for the overhead display?

That’s not possible yet, is it?
Best regards

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Hi Eugen,
That option is not available now for Rhino geometry. But it’s planned! I add your vote!


Hello @fsalla,
Has this option been created for Rhino geometry? Or is there a way to have a projection of elements in plan view?

Hi @antoine3,

Currently overhead representation works only on VisualARQ elements. We’ll add support for Rhino geometry on future versions.


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