Visibility of ceiling in floor below

Hi there,

I finally decided to give VARQ a try, I have used archicad over 10 years ago , so I have a basic understanding for BIM. However I am still wrestling with a few basic things, so I will try to find help here…

  1. I created a test house, there are parts cut out of the slab in the first floor for a stair and a void (see pics…). Is there any way how I can display the geometry of the slab while my first layer (ground floor) is active? Concerning German plan standards I should see the contours as a dotted line…

  2. I tried to draw simple 2d lines, however they do not appear in the top viewport for some reason…

thanks for any help here

best regards

  1. Right now you need to draw the contour and void of the slab manually using 2D curves for showing its projection on the ground floor, and assign a proper linetype. In future versions we are planning to add this representation automatically to VisualARQ objects. I’ll keep you posted about this feature.
  1. That’s very strange. Can you send that model to, so we can take a look? Please specify which Rhino and VisualARQ versions you are running.