Plan Representations

Hello all!
I am fairly new at using visualARQ, but have a decent amount of experience in rhino itself. I am working on putting together a set of documents for a final presentation and can’t seem to figure out a few things:

  1. Can you “halftone” the floors/levels below in 2d or 3d plans?
  2. How do you set particular floors/levels to only be visible in detail views?
  3. Can you automatically set a layer to show dashed for above?

Im basically looking to create halfway decent looking plans, the information provided isn’t bad straight out of the plans created through visualARQ, but they have no depth and aren’t the prettiest to look at. Does all of this have to be done with post processing?


Hi @Ron_Wassmer_Jr,

Currently this is not possible. In VisualARQ 2.0 we have partially implemented a “Depth Cue” feature that blends objects with the background according to the distance to camera. This feature is not yet finished and it doesn’t have any UI. Moreover, we don’t know if this will be in the final version version of VisualARQ 2.0 as not many users have requested it. Here is a sample of what it looks like:

Is this OK to you? Can you give an example of a plan with halftones levels?

You can show any particular level on any detail using the level manager. Once you have created the detail, enter on it, select the level you want to show on this detail, and click on the button to enable the plan view:

I don’t understand. Do you want to see objects that are clipped by the cut plane?



  1. Yeah that’s a great start, especially if you can control the min and max values, with a value before the tonal changes happen.

plan cut @ 4’ aff
grey starts @ 0’ aff
90%->20% greying instead of complete loss of color.

I tried to look up some images but cant really find any. It would be most beneficial inside atrium spaces.

  1. Got it, wasn’t quite working at first for some reason.

  2. Basically yes, so I can show roof overhangs or holes in the floor above where it would be a two story space.

Depth cueing looks like a great feature. That’s something we do pretty frequently at my firm for plan elements that are below the current floor on a drawing, and also in details for elements that are behind the cut plane but in the drawing for context. It’s one of the few things that’s very easy to do in the BIM software we use (Vectorworks).

Hi @nrkuhl,

Well, one more user interested, it seems that definitively we must include this feature in VisualARQ 2.0.

Do you have any sample image of a plan that uses halftone/depth cue?



+1 more vote for depth cue.

P.s. From my perspective depth cue/halftone is for making objects recessive in each view. In a building elevation it can be things set behind the primary elevated plane (ie. parallel to the elevation but set back a distance from the immediate elevation).
Alternative for this use case is creating a seperate elevation for each ‘depth’ on any given orientation/elevation.
Can also use it to order the visual hierarchy in the view…

Above/below is just a way to see the elements differently in the view of interest.

Hope that helps?

Here’s a small example of plan depth. The main focus is third floor units in these buildings, but we have street level information greyed in.

One way I can think of for doing this having an option to grey lines for the levels below the current level when selecting a level for vaPlanView. I hope that sentence makes sense.


I was wondering about the depth cue myself, but never looked into it. That would be very nice.

3 has been asked before as rear view.

Grey lines and also layer control so you can simplify the ‘below’ stuff?