Rolling back updates

I recently updated my Rhino 6 and as a result grasshopper stopped working, as well as another plugin. Does anyone know of how to delete updates from Rhino 6?


It can’t be done. The installer doesn’t support it.
Uninstall Rhino and install an earlier version if you need to.

That said, that’s not a good strategy for a fix, but it might be fine to isolate a change for troubleshooting.

Thanks John. Where can I find installers for earlier versions of Rhino 6?

The links aren’t public.
If you know what SR you want to try, someone like me can get you a link.
That’s going to be hard over the weekend, as we closed at 5pm

I’m probably looking for the time period of Jan-Feb 2020, not sure what SR that’d be. If you can still share a link to that version I’d really appreciate it. If not, I’ll wait till Monday. Either way, thanks for your help with this.


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