Robot 3D printing - Slice Loft as a Helix

Hi guys,

To enable a working 3d printing process, I need a helix that evolves along a loft.

The first idea was that I draw 3 curves to design an element. After that I offset the curves in both directions and connect the endpoints to get a closed path. I do that for all 3 curves, loft them and then divide them into layers. That works, but I have to print as a helix, rather than a single path, because there are problems with the endpoints while printing in simple layers.

The Loft should be the basic form of the helix. Does anyone have an idea for a component or an approach to the helix? This should rise 3 or 2.5 mm in one turn.

Thank you in advance! (13.2 KB)
Shouldbehelix.3dm (118.6 KB) (13.2 KB)

Hello Moritz,
I’m not sure whether I unterstood you correctly, but with the script attached, you can make a helix based on your contour. (8.2 KB)
Let me know if that’s what you need.
Greatings Jao


Nice! Thats what I needed, so simple. Thank you!

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