Ripples / waves in a loft?

I’m a wit’s end trying to get a straight loft from a series of section curves that are (in theory) facing the same direction and having the same number of control points.

loft-ripples (40.8 KB)

By varying the number of section curves created, I can make the ripples smoother or sharper, but they always exist. I’ve tried aligning seams, projecting the curves into planes, different loft options, and yelling and screaming.


Is there something inherently wrong with the geometry that makes loft act this way?

Can you avoid rotation of the curves and at the end use twist for the final shape
Something like that ,maybe


Thank you! I got so obsessed with fighting the loft that I missed that simpler approach.

Here’s the resulting print:



What model of printer is that, and are you happy with it?

It’s the 3D Potter Super9. I’m pretty happy with it – it is a large printer and not for fine detail work, but it is fast and reliable when used with a stoneware. I am several months into a so-far-failed effort to print with porcelain, but I don’t hold that against the printer.

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How thin is it possible to print porcelain?

I haven’t managed to print porcelain on this printer at all, but on a WASP LDM I’ve gotten 1.1mm. The problem there is the clay has to be prepared by hand and is far too wet to pug, so it’s inevitable to have air bubbles that destroy a decent percentage of prints. This is a 1.1mm print from the WASP that I took a sandblaster to to make some holes (also a Grasshopper design):


Hi Brooks - I’ve used this approach to make several vases from twisted lofts. But only with a standard PLA filament printer. Might be interesting to see what your 3D Potter machine could do with (33.4 KB)

Where can we buy this?

Thank you so much for the sentiment! I’m not selling anything yet, still working on perfecting design and production. But you can bet I’ll let you know when I’m ready!

Thanks for the share! I’m traveling for the next week but will give this a shot when I return and let you know the results!