RiR - Wall Location Line

This should work for Stacked Walls.

I got a pretty fundamental question… How do you receive a list in the ElementType.ByName component? Mine is blank from the start and receives list only after I connect to it Document.CategoriesPicker where I can’t find

This is where I got confused.

Revit Walls properties panel: Basic Wall, Curtain Wall, Stacked Wall

GH List: Basic Wall, Curtain Wall

I know I should put more effort in UI.
Category picker is annoying, but in that case you can search for a type by its exact full name or searching using only part of the type name.
I’m exploring other ways of showing so much information in a Grasshopper canvas.

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Wow, this search you just did surprised me so much… I would never guess that. Thanks!
I already started a topic, that we need some better Value List component.

And we still need a better one.
I want to generalize the search idea to a value list that took any list like HumanUI does.
This way you will be able to feed it with the Document.Categories component and filter-search by name.

This is the new one, is still not finished but hope it helps.