We need a better Value List Component

Recently, I put much attention to what @kike is doing with Rhino Inside Revit project. Because Revit has a lot of categories, I found used Value Lists very frustrating and slow.

In Heteroptera plugin, slightly different component - Item Pick has handy radio-buttons (so we don’t need to uncheck things. I think this could be added to the options we already have.

But most importantly:
There is a need for an inbuild search bar, and names of already selected items on the top of the component.
Keep in mind that Value List in the form of Document.CategoriesPicker has 308 elements.
I made a simple graphic to show what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:



I really like Humans Item Selector as well, with the ability to feed values.

Agree, Andrew made a couple of cool, enhanced versions of the regular components, same with e.g. Dynamic Geometry Pipeline.

For the Item Selector however, it would be sweet if it could read from Value List input and switch between showing Constans and Values (or maybe showing both), at least in that case.

It turns out that for the purpose mentioned in this post there is a Meta Hopper component - Get List Data. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with modified Value List components from RiR plugin, but can sucessfully receive data from regular ones.

I’ve used both of these methods to clean up the input into the Item Selector

I know that in Grasshopper I can go around almost everything if I am stubborn enough, but going straight to the point is enough tiring. I would like to have as little components/clicks to deal with internal GH stuff as it is possible. :wink:

I added to RhinoInside.revit a new component to allow picking on a list, is still not finished but hope it helps.

Any chance we could get this in Rhino/Gh (Windows), as well?