RIR Room boundary location at finish face exterior

Hi guys

I am trying to use RIR to extract rooms for thermal simulation in IES-VE.

As a default, the rooms look like this when querying from Revit

However, I need the walls to finish at the wall center line for all interior partitions and to finish at the exterior face finish for all surfaces without adjacencies (in other words exterior walls, roofs, etc.).

I followed this tutorial which allows me to change the boundary location, but the only options at the moment are interior finish and center line.


So using the center line function would look correct, but in reality all exterior walls should be offset a distance corresponding to the half of the wall thickness.

Does anyone have a good approach to extract the rooms correctly?

Hi Mark,

I believe that is due to how Revit is calculating the volume, as you can see by the Revit options. These are the only ones that return a volume Brep.

Btw. You can remove the limit by zooming in and hitting the -

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