How to extract the outline of building exterior walls?

Excuse me, I want to use the Rhino Inside Revit plug-in to extract the outer contour of the exterior wall of a Revit building. How should I set it?

Extract building (1022.3 KB)

Hi 2987969100,

Lots of variables to consider. At a basic level the Walls will Cast to Curves.

Here is a range of solutions, which one works for you will depend on your project.

A room element outside the building footprint might work well in your case. (10.7 KB)

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Thank you very much for your suggestion! My previous idea was to create a room by creating a wall on the periphery and the outer wall of the building, and then get the outer boundary line of the room as the outer contour line of the outer wall of the building!

Hey, in addition to Japhy’s method… below solution could work depending on the case.

If wall curves are coming from multiple levels you can project them to XY plane before creating the union BBox.

Walls (10.9 KB)

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Hi @M.Tarabishy and @Japhy Thanks for your ideas. It is working perfectly fine but what if I want to get wall elements instead of polycurve ? Like I have modelled wall as individual where ever I get intersection so for this I just want to extract the elements not the polycurve. This is jus an extended to this part.

Thanks in advance for your time and support

I think I got it @M.Tarabishy.


Yep, good work :slight_smile:

… same idea in here

Walls (14.1 KB)

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It’s great. Thanks