RIR crash issues

RIR will easily cause revit crash like this. often happens when I open a new Rhino window with RIR on.
revit version 2020.2.5
rhino Version 7 SR28
RIR version 1.20.8836.21283

No Rhino.Inside.Revit crash report dialog though?

There are a lot of potential variables here and we will need more info to get a bug report going. Ideally a small file that demonstrates the issue.

The first step is to ensure a Revit or Rhino plugin isn’t interfering.

RIR will easily cause revit crash.This situation often occurs in Revit. Once it happens, I will be unable to perform operations in Revit, but it won’t exit directly either.
revit version 2024
rhino Version 8 SR6
RIR version 1.20.8836.21283

I performed this operation, but it seems to have had no effect.

Please update to the latest Service Release Candidate for Rhino 8, this has improvements in Crash Reporting. Thanks

Thanks japhy,
But is this a Rhino issue? The prompt indicates that Revit encountered an error.

I found a new version. Should I download and install it?

That is for Rhino.inside.Revit Addin, the service release candidate for Rhino 8 is found in File>Properties>Updates

Yes, I updated to this version, but the situation remains the same. I suspect that after generating objects from Revit in Grasshopper and then disconnecting the component connections, Revit can’t recognize the objects, so I can’t view the IDs of the objects either.
So, is there any other way?

RhinoInside-Revit-Report-20240505T172343Z.zip (69.1 KB)
I’ve already updated the version, but it still isn’t working. Could you help me see what the problem might be?

What isn’t working for you? There are a number of other Revit Addins loaded, we should verify they are not conflicting.

It seems that even after updating the Rhino version, you’re still encountering this error message. After receiving such a prompt, you’re unable to make any changes in Revit.When I click “About,” this message appears.
I don’t have any other plugins installed.
Rhino Inside Revit is the only plugin I have in Revit.

This isn’t enough information to help. Can you post a file and your definition that is causing the exception?

We should look at your grasshopper/rhino plugins as well.

Please run SystemInfo in the Rhino command line and paste the results.

To temporarily disable Rhino plugin go to File>Properties>Plugins and sort by 3rd party plugins that do not ship with Rhino.

To test Grasshopper open Gh from the command line with GrasshopperLoadOneByOne and say no to 3rd Party addins that may be suspect (older, intended for Rhino 5,6, or 7)

Thanks japhy,
This is the result after inputting ‘SystemInfo’ in Rhino, along with third-party plugins in Rhino, and these are my Grasshopper plugins. I will also try to disable them and then test again.
If you have any other new findings, please let me know.
rhino.rar (676.5 KB)

Hi @Jack_Ma,

It looks like this error message happens after running a python script from Grasshopper.

When you create a Transaction please use the with statement to ensure the transaction is disposed if your code throws any exception.

# create and start the transaction
with DB.Transaction(doc, '<give a descriptive name to your transaction>') as t:

    # change Revit document here


Thanks Kike,
When I cleared the other plugins in Grasshopper, I didn’t encounter any issues today.
As a programming novice, how can I utilize Rhino Inside Revit to learn and create Python packages for Grasshopper? Do you have any tutorial recommendations, such as videos or the like?


Here is the guide to get started in Python workflows for Rhino.Inside.Revit

Dear Japhy,
Thank you very much for all your answers.