RIR crashes when opening Rhino


I had a few time Revit crash when I press the Rhino button. Rhino pops up, blank, and then I get an error message which is also blank. I hit OK and it crashes. I’m using Revit 2021 and the latest RIR daily build.

I had a crash like this recently too, exact same dialog but haven’t been able to reproduce. If it happens again or you can give step by step replication now, please do.

The only reproducible step is pressing the Rhino button after working in Grasshopper. Possibly some sort of corruption with displaying the preview.

This is still happening. It appears to be if Rhino is minimised, RIR is run, and then Rhino maximised. I suspect is is some sort of display corruption.

Hi @parametricmonkey1,

Is it easy to reproduce?
If you don’t mind when you have this dialog on screen open Windows Task Manager, go to Details, and right click on Revit.exe to generate a .dmp file. It will be huge and will be placed on your Desktop as Revit.dmp.
Once I got it I’ll try to know where is this dialog coming from.

Please send it to me using Rhino - Upload to Support use (kike at mcneel.com) as Recipient.


Happened again, but I don’t see Revit.exe…

But I’ll email you the error report files that Revit gives me

You should generate the .dmp while the dialog is on screen before dismissing it then you still have a Revit and it is stopped just in the point we need.

New files uploaded for you…

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Looks like a problem with openGL.

Your driver is from June 6th, 2021, coud you please test updating your driver?

Anyway I will see if we can make this more robust.

Do you mean the graphics driver? If so, it is up to date.