Rhino randomly crashes while using builds newer than 1.20

This error crasshes Rhino, it pops up randomly and very often if I use builds newer than 1.20.8836.
Right now I am testing 1.23.8913 but I need to roll back. It’s a pity because I can’t use new builds for some time. I tried it many times with RiR 1.21 and 1.22

I’m using Revit 2022.1 and various Rhino 8 releases.


Are there any crash reports that you are able to submit?

Lets first start trouble shooting by isolating the Rhino.Inside.Revit environment.

In Rhino please go to Plugins and disable any 3rd party plugins (restarting Rhino required)

Then in Revit hold Shift+Cntl and hit the Start icon, this will give the option to open a new instance of Revit without other add-ons.

Grasshopper plugins are a variable as well.

Opening Rhino first in RiR and then initiating Grasshopper via command line with GrasshopperLoadOneByOne and saying No to 3rd party gh plugins is probably the best way to test those.

Thanks, Japhy. I don’t know if I can go through this procedure right now. The only thing that changes is the RiR version.

Not really, unfortunately.