Lofting result not as desired

Hi everyone,

I am trying to loft this body in grasshopper. The top part is fine, but the bottom is looking a bit weird. I have tried adjusting seams and moving them but i cant manage to fix it, was wondering if anyone had any ideas.


weird (7.8 KB)

The way it lofted in the top part is fine, but i was wondering if it would be possible to have the result be a bit different.
I would like to have the loft from the filleted curve to the sharp corner along the lines in red instead of the blue ones like its currently doing it.

Thanks in advance!!

You can manually place a point near about the mid of one side of your shape to fix the seams.

Then, for the filletted corner, you could cheat a bit and apply a small fillet to every corner:

… but i think that lofting curves with fillets + curves without fillets is a bad idea.
What you ask in your last picture should be done with Extrude Point component.

thank you! that worked well

unfortunately, the fillet part will not work as i need those corners. but is there a way to make the area of transition a bit smaller? why does it go all the way until the centre of the surface?