Ring surface


Hi all, im after a little bit of advice, I’m currently designing an engagement ring as a project and I’m struggling to get the surface smooth enough for 3dprinting ,

no it looks ok in rhino, I have zoomed close and there are slight ‘notches’ but nothing this bad, to explain this picture is from the 3d printing company, I had to convert my file to a stl so they could open it, would the conversion have caused these imperfections? or is there a smooth tool on rhino that I could use to make sure all the edges are ok, I have looked but im pretty new to it so I don’t know my way around the program that well yet

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Hi nixdorf0,

I think you’ll get what you’re after with a custom mesh before exporting as an stl. Try this…
Select the Rhino surface model
run the Mesh command and choose detailed controls and use settings like these reducing the number circled until the edges are small enough to print smoothly. Use Preview to see the results of a value change.

Then click OK and use SelMesh to select the mesh object and Export to save it out as an stl.


What you are seeing is the mesh shown with no smoothing. You can get the same view in Rhino by using the FlatShade command. It wasn’t the conversion to STL specifically that caused the imperfections, but rather the mesh settings used when exporting. Before you export, you can use the Mesh command to convert your object to a mesh which gives you the chance to inspect it in Rhino before sending it off to be grown.

You can use the simple slider, or if you get into the mesh settings, you may want to look at the Maximum distance, edge to surface, maximum angle, and the maximum edge length.


These are the most popular from 3Dcadjewelry:

Smaller file, good for most detail.

Larger file to capture more detail.