Problems conferting stl

test.3dm (247.9 KB) Having a problem converting rhino file to an stl file. When I do this a new shape appears. I changed the mesh into fewer meshes but this didn’t work.

I was able to make a good mesh from your model.
It required culling some degenerate faces then running MatchMeshEdge to fix the handful of naked edges, but then I got a “good” mesh according to the Check command.
What settings are you using? (890.1 KB)

Thanks John,

Well I still don"t know what actually went wrong.
Here are the mesh settings I used, maybe this will explain why.

Hi John,

I’ve found some other settings and these are probably the ones you meant.

Rhino seems to make a reasonably clean mesh here with the settings below, although there was one tiny problem detected by Magics. I find that converting all planar surfaces to trimmed planes instead of surfaces that have a singularity (one edge collapsed to a point) also helps, when I did that, the mesh was better… --Mitch

DomeMesh.3dm (815.6 KB)

Thanks Mitch,
It works, I’ve made a 3D print and it looks fine.