Meshflats from Solid Works

I am having problems with a customer file (native is Solid Works) and I can’t seem to get a “clean” file (from them) that I can 3D Print. You can see the result when I convert to an STL file. The printer will print the flats. How can I use Rhino to smooth the mesh without sacrificing the intent of the original solid model?

Hi Rik- if what you are getting is a mesh file, then there is nothing you can do in Rhino, but if it is a surface or solid model, then meshing for STL is under the control of the meshing process and you should be able to get a finer mesh. BUT, it will still be a mesh (as STL I mean) and therefore faceted - the trick is to get the facets to be smaller than the resolution on the printer.



You might want to have a look at the following WIKI pages: (links to tips, videos, etc.)


I gave up on his mesh and requested the original cad. I have been a 3.0 user of Rhino for years. The tools available in 5.0 are new to me. My printers print exactly what I give them so the resolution is determined by the mesh itself.

Thank you for the link. I have applied a few of the tips and the mesh looks exponentially better.

Not really though- they print layers that have a certain thickness; if the mesh facets are about that size or smaller, they will not be the limiting factor in the accuracy of the print to some ideal smooth thing.


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