Rigid body simulation

I’m trying to find a tool to make easy rigid body simulations.
I’ve checked other posts but it seems that a lot of plugins are not working anymore with RH7 (I currently have that one)
FYI, I normally need stacks of random props to fill my scenes, so nothing too special nor precise.

Any suggestions?

This can be done with kangaroo. You’d usually have to remesh the objects so the level of detail is not too high.

For dropping/stacking big piles of mesh objects I actually wouldn’t recommend Kangaroo. It has some mesh-mesh rigid body collisions, but not very robust or optimised and only useful for fairly simple cases. If your geometry can be treated as collections of spheres/cylinders then you can use Collider goal though which works better.

For general piling/stacking of mesh objects, probably one of the Bullet or PhysX wrappers would be better. I know there have been a few, not sure which works best.

Hi @DanielPiker,
I’ve been searching for the download link for Bullet Physics but haven’t had much luck. But, I did come across an interesting video by @Petras_Vestartas.

Also, I have a related question that I’m posting below. It would be wonderful if you could take a moment to look at it.