RigidBody Stacking Simulation

Hi all, I have been playing around with Kangaroo2 for a few weeks now and wondered if a simulation of a stack or pile of rigid bodies is possible using its engine. Right now, the only clue I have is modifying the solver threshold to a big number (1e-3) to stop the stack from moving, but the results are not the stack behaviour I was aiming for (see gif attached).
I know stacking physic simulations require a fairly complex engine, and I was wondering if Kangaroo 2 can support it anyhow.

You may want to try PhysX

I’ev had some pretty good results with it so far.

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Hi Manuel,

Currently the rigid body collision does not include friction, so isn’t suitable for stacking. There’s an update to this for the next release though.


Is there a good way to simulate friction in Kangaroo? I’ve tried to mimic simulation such as the one you do with the plastic chair hitting the ground, but I was unable to simulate the friction that would occur when part of the chair hits the ground as it’s thrown laterally.

In this video, around the :03-:04 mark, you see the leg of the chair get caught on the ground. Is it friction that’s causing that?

Hi Matthew, Daniel and John,

Thank you for your fast answers. I used PhysX in a similar project in unity, (how wonderful it is to find it here in gh too!). I will give it a try. Thanks again!