Right Mouse Button Menue

I am an ex 2D AutoCad structural designer. I have been using Rhino for about 3 years and it saves a lot of time and improves accuracy for structural design.

I can use the programme well enough but I have not a clue what goes on under the bonnet.

The big thing I miss is the AutoCad mouse right click function which brings up a list of the most frequently used commands.

Is it possible that this can be set up the mouse right click in Rhino to bring up the commands I most use.

Thanks in advance for you advice.

Hello - a right click in the command area will bring up that list. You can add ‘favorites’ to the top of the list in Options > General page as well. The PopUpPopular command can be added to the right click context menu(s) in Options >Mouse > (various menus) as well. PopUpMenu as well, that is the most recently used commands as you get in the command area rmb.

Any of that help?


Thank you. I will have a go.