Right click file go Open with and choose V5 and V4 opens up!

Received an igs file, right click on it, go Open with, choose the rhino icon and Rhino V5 word beside it, there is no V4 icon, and the file opens with V4 !

Why ?

( I have both V4 and V5 installed)


I’ve got the same problem but I think because Rhino 4 and rhino 5 on a 64 bit system in 32bit mode both have the same exe name. Rhino4.exe so windows is confused about this.

hi all, you can customize the behaviour so you can open different file types either with Rhino4, Rhino5 (x86) or Rhino5 (64bit).

  1. Open Explorer and type shell:sendto into the adressbar
  2. The SendTo folder will open, it probably contains same links already
  3. Right click in that window and choose create shortcut
  4. Browse for the executable eg, Rhino.exe
  5. Choose Ok and Next
  6. Name the shortcut with a descriptive name eg. Rhino64bit
  7. Choose Finish

Repeat this for all Rhino versions you like to add.

To use it, just right click on eg. the *.igs file and choose the appropiate menu item under Send To…


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V5 and V4
I have just found that telling a dwg and a dxf to open in rhino V5 sees V4 launch and discovered this thread, also initiated by me.

This issue must be widespread or is it ? New PC, same issue.

I am following this fix but it fails at the browse to the exe.
Win7 64bit, open win explorer. type in the left of the two windows shell:sendto and the send to window opens.
there is no right click >create shortcut, I have to use right click > new> shortcut
I click browse and get as far as opening the rhinoceros 5 folder within program files (x86)
however there is no right hand pane showing contents of folders, I open a sub folder called system and see rhino4.exe

is that what I need to choose to tell windows to open dwg in rhino v5 ?
Clement says windows is confused and uses V4, cause of the issue, I cant see rhino4.exe being of use ?

I wont select it without confirmation its the right thing to do, I dont want to entrench the problem further.

what is a V4exe doing within RhinoV5 ?


For compatibility reasons, they had to name 32 bit V5 rhino4.exe. 64 bit V5 is called simply rhino.exe. I would use the 64 bit version if possible, unless you have some legacy plug-ins for Rhino that only run in 32 bit.

As this problem is, like, years old, I was under the impression it has been fixed. I don’t have a computer with V4 installed to test anymore though.


Hi Mitch,
I tried again and this time looked in Program Files and not the X86 program files and found the V5 64bit Rhino.exe, as I am running Rhino64bit on my 64bit PC.

I have always gone right click open with and indicated the exe, now I know which is the 64bit v5 exe I was able to use that method, ticking the always use box, send to I have never considered before, but might remember as another way.

problem still exists though…that’s for sure.