Open with . Browse to rhino5 sees rhino4 open the file

Windows explorer win7 64bit pro, right click on an stl file, choose open with, choose ‘other programs’ and select rhino icon and wording rhino5, rhino opens, but its Rhino4.

Why ?
Whats happening, how do I get it to select Rhino5 ?


It is Rhino 5. The executable for RH5 has the same name as the one for Rhino 4.

When its opened and I go Help>about it says its rhino4, also the interface is rhino4.

Not sure what you mean.


You’re not exactly being precise with your descriptions, leaving us to guess quite a bit as to what is going on.

Your title says “Browse to rhino5” but you didn’t actually use the Browse… button in the Open with dialog, did you?

I’m pretty sure the wording is notrhino5”. On my system I find the following icon:

Click the Browse button in the Open with dialog and browse to the directory of your RH5 64-bit installation and select the Rhino.exe file.

That should do it.

As for this one:

For compatibility reasons, the Rhino 5 executable for the 32-bit installation is called Rhino4.exe as you can see in this image:

Also, the 64-bit version of Rhino 5 has an “Original filename” of rhino4.exe as you can see here:
So, depending on where you are looking, you will find rhino4 even if you are running RH5.

sorry if post title was misleading,

the steps I took which I wrote out were accurate.
I was in windows explorer, I right clicked on the stl file icon, selected ‘open with’ , then selected ‘other program’ and clicked the + in a box to expand, and I am faced with the screenshot attached, I selected Rhinoceros 5 and it launched rhino4.

I was puzzled as to why, when selecting the Rhinoceros 5 icon, it launched rhino4.

here is the screen dump of the point at which I chose what I thought was rhino5.


The Rhinoceros V5 (32-bit) executable file name is “rhino4.exe”.
This was one of the details needed to get old V4 plug-ins to run with 32-bit V5.

I suspect this is what is confusing you.

Instead of clicking the icon in the window you see, hit the “Browse” button and browse to the actual 64 bit Rhino.exe in program files…

– Mitch

Allow me to add to the confusion - though only partially related…
On my system, I have Rhino 5 (32 & 64-bit) and the WIP installed. RMB on an .stl file in Windows Explorer and pick Open with. When I expand the Other Programs window, I can see both the Rhinoceros 5 and Rhino WIP options:

Now, click the Browse… button in the Open with dialog and browse to the directory of the RH5 64-bit installation, select the Rhino.exe file and hit Open.

I now have two “Rhino WIP” entries, one of which is selected and - I suppose - is actually a Rhino 5 instance:

You can now go through that same procedure once more and you’ll end up with yet another “Rhino WIP” entry.

Yes, there is something wrong here and has been for a long time… Another symptom - when dragging a file onto a desktop shortcut, ALL my Rhino icons (for different schemes and such) now show “Open with Rhino WIP” - including all my V5 icons…