3 shorcuts for two rhinos, one an oddball or what?

New build PC win7 64bit pro.
I installed Rhino V4 , and got a shortcut called Rhinoceros 4.0 which I placed where I normally have it on screen.
Then I rebooted and did the ini, toolbar, display imports.

rebooted and installed V5. rebooted and positioned its icon, given name by installation process Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit) underneath V4

I have just noticed that I have a third shortcut. called Rhinoceros 5

properties of it say:-
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 5\System\Rhino4.exe”

taking a look at the V4 shorcut “C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\System\Rhino4.exe”

and the V5 shortcut of Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)
“C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\Rhino.exe”

What is that V5 shortcut just called Rhinoceros 5 which targets rhino 4 for ?

what is a Rhino4.exe file doing in a rhino 5 system folder ?


You might have noticed that this does not target Rhino V4 if you tried it… It is the shortcut to Rhino V5 32 bit.



It was done so V4 plugins would recognize “Rhino 5 32 bit” as Rhino.
(If I remember correctly)

Hi, Cheers, I didnt want to try it and have a nasty occur.