Rhinoworks for Rhino5 released

For anyone that used the old version, you may like to know that Rhinoworks 3 has been announced. It’s compatible with Rhino5 and has separate installers for 32 and 64 bit versions.

I’ll be interested to see how good it is!

YES, true but it cost 150Euros for the upgrade and doesn’t add nothing else than the V5 compatibility. Better would be to have some more improvement in the usability and interface or some new tools :wink:

Has anyone used rhinoWorks v3? Work well? Thanks!

Anyone knows ?
Does Rhinoworks operate on Rhino 6 ?
I never worked with Rhinoworks. It does look simple. Or is there another simple plugin that does a similair assembly job even better?

As far as I know, RhinoWorks is not available anymore.
You could try Bongo or Kangaroo in Grasshopper and see if any of those meet your needs.