RhinoWIP: Universal App: Apple Silicon and Intel

The RhinoWIP for Mac is now a Universal app, which means that it runs natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs…

You may notice faster launch times, but otherwise Rhino and Grasshopper should run normally.:crossed_fingers:

With massive changes like this, bugs creep in, so please report them as you see them.

PS: This is a separate issue from display performance improvements due to Metal (more on that later).


Nice work, I bet this was … fun :slight_smile:


You funny man!
We kill you last!


Thank you! This is amazing news!

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Does this mean Rhino 8 will run on M1 iPads too?

Wow, fantastic news; thank you so much for your efforts

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No. macOS and iOS are still separate operating systems.

Sure, but a porting from macOS to iOS or iPadOS should be easier now.
iPadOS supports mouse and keyboard too

There are no current development plans to work on this.

You are correct, it does make it more possible (I would hesitate to use the word “easy” - but ok - “easier” is technically correct :laughing:). That said, it’s still a long path.

I would also point out that the only way of delivering software to an iPad is via the iOS App Store, with all the myriad issues that raises.

But back to your point: yes, the fact that Rhino for Mac is running natively on Apple Silicon does indeed make something like this more technically feasible. It certainly makes us take another look at our woefully neglected viewer project (iRhino 3D) and explore some new possibilities.

Just please do not hold your breath for a Rhino for Mac you purchase on the iOS App Store.

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Thank you for your clear reply.
I understand it’s a long and not planned path (for now).
If one of App Store issues is “the Apple cut”, consider that external App Store subscriptions are not subject to it.

That said, thank you for keep improving Rhino as a great multi platform software!

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