Rhino for Mac (WIP): Goodbye Mono, Hello .NET 6

Today’s RhinoWIP - 8.0.21292 - contains a BIG change on Mac that doesn’t really fit well into a line-item bullet-point…

Rhino 8 for Mac (still very much a Work-In-Progress) now uses Microsoft .NET 6.

(All previous versions of Rhino for Mac rely on Mono, an open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework.)

@curtisw has moved mountains to make this change possible and it forms a solid foundation for our cross-platform development going forward. I couldn’t let this pass without some acknowledgment.

It’s also a big change that touches many parts of Rhino. Our hope is you don’t notice any difference - aside perhaps from some speed-ups here and there - but - as with most changes of this magnitude - there is potential for breakage.

Thanks all for their testing so far and for reporting bugs.


Great! :grinning:

Will MAUI replace Eto?

I’m curious when we can see .NET 6 on windows. :thinking:


At most it’ll be a new backend for the Eto framework, like WPF, Cocoa, etc.

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