Rhino for iPad pro

Hello, I would be thankful for some help. Am I able to work on my I pad with rhino ? If yes, how. I can’t download rhino, and the app is not the exact “thing” … pleas help

No. Rhino doesn’t have an iOS version.
I believe your only choice would be Shapr3D

well it does, but its just a viewer called irhino, not sure how up do date it is. a workable Rhino for ios became a bit of a topic recently, since the dawn of Apple Silicon, in hopes that the path which was layed out by apple would generate a key to open the door to a possible ipad version.

:laughing: That’s iRhino, not Rhino

Key issues are, I think, inputs. Touchscreen is very different.

Hi -

The key issue, as Steve explained, is the App Store.