RhinoScript Dash Docset

(Dan Belcher) #1

Continuing the discussion from RhinoCommon Dash Docset:

I’ve generated a RhinoScript docset based on the RhinoScript online documentation. The advantage of using this docset is that it allows you to search RhinoScript methods quickly - also it works offline:

If you already have Dash installed, you can have Dash subscribe to the docset feed by cutting and pasting this link:


into Dash (Preferences > Downloads Tab > Plus Sign > Docset Feed URL). You will get automatic updates to the docs when they change.

If you don’t have Dash installed, you can still download the docset from this link, but you will have install and keep updates in sync manually.

Windows users:

@philipbe pointed out that there is a Dash-inspired Docset browser called Zeal. To use the RhinoScript docset with Zeal, download this zip archive, unzip it, and move the RhinoScript.docset to: C:/Users/<you>/AppData/Local/zeal/docsets/
(you can define this path in Zeal > Edit > Options > General Tab).
You will need to restart Zeal - you may have to quit Zeal from the system tray first.

RhinoScript docset in Zeal:

Rhino.Python Dash Docset