Possible to publish the Dash docset feed to their repo?

it would be really cool if someone could do a request to get the docsets into their repo so it shows up as installable in the apps.

Hi @kleerkoat-

I’ve had this item (WWW-358) on my list for months now. Yeah, I’d like to do this. However, I’m pretty worried about Dash’s long-term future, given that it was banned from the Apple AppStore. That said, it looks like Bogdan is still making progress maintaining Dash, so I’m game. This is all just a matter of priorities. I’ll see what I can do.


@dan I think they are still working on the desktop version, even though it was pulled people could transfer their license. I just got an update today for the desktop app actually.

The iOS app is open and up on github to side load for free as well.

that would be really sweet if you got around to it, it’d be so nice to just download from there instead of transferring.

thank you

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