Rhino.Python Dash Docset

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Continuing the discussion from RhinoScript Dash Docset:

I’m a fan of the Dash API documentation utility for OS X. I’ve generated a Rhino.Python docset based on the Rhino.Python documentation that works great in Dash. The advantage of using this docset is that it allows you to search Rhino.Python functions very quickly - also it works offline:

If you already have Dash installed, you can have Dash subscribe to the docset feed by cutting and pasting this link:


into Dash (Preferences > Downloads Tab > Plus Sign > Docset Feed URL). You will get automatic updates to the docs when they change.

If you don’t have Dash installed, you can still download the docset from this link, but you will have install and keep updates in sync manually.

In addition, PyCharm has a Dash plugin you can enable (Preferences > Plugins > Browse Repositories > Dash > control+click ), which allows you to get to these docsets quickly by pressing command + shift + D when your mouse is over a Rhino.Python keyword (h/t to chris bamborough for pointing this out).

Windows users:

There is a Dash-inspired Docset browser called Zeal. To use the Rhino.Python docset with Zeal, download this zip archive, unzip it, and move the RhinoPython.docset to:


(you can define this path in Zeal > Edit > Options > General Tab).
You will need to restart Zeal - you may have to quit Zeal from the system tray first.

Rhino.Python docset in Zeal:

RhinoCommon Dash Docset
Installing Python for Mac Rhino 5
Arguments in rhinoscriptsyntax.Command

do you know how to get the Rhino.Python ‘docset’ on Dash on an iPhone?

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I didn’t know that Dash had an iOS app until just now. Nice. I’ll download it and see if I can get it to work.


It took me ‘a while’ to get the two ‘doc-sets’ (common and Rhinoscript) onto
my Mac Book Pro, then it took me a while to get iTunes to recognize them,
but that’s the point I’m at, now…

the ‘normal’ doc-sets were downloaded with / for / using the Dash for IOS…

BUT - these come from McNeel (originally; then someone else ‘twiddles’ them?

I really REALLY want the Rhino.Python doc-set on the iPhone, but I can’t
figure out how to get it there?

the Apple / iTunes / Apps / File Sharing (scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM) thing says the other two (…common and …Rhinoscript) are there “Dash Documents” - but I can’t get them onto the iPhone - so I can view / read (hopefully learn something from them?) (like I’m going to be on an airplane
and that will be an opportune time to use them?)


YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY - I’m ‘certain’ that I’m doing something wrong / stupid?

VERY Sincerely yours, Bill Schell (an AVID Rhino3D user - but I need a lot of help, some times!


I found this web-site to be mildly helpful:



did you figure it out? i had mine loaded but i tried it again without issue, just selected Dash like the link said and dragged them into the window, go into Dash settings on your device, Transfer Docsets, and load it.

@dan you can use the Dash app as a second screen for the Mac app as well.



yup, worked, finally, I “THINK” that ‘…common’ was ‘so-big’ (36 megs
un-compressed, that it ‘took it a while’ and I didn’t realize it
was being ‘un-packed’ on the iPhone - I saw no ‘vizualization’ of that
process, so I didn’t know

but - after some time ( don’t know - maybe 20 mins) they ‘appeared, and
I ‘transferred’ then I was golden?!




good to hear :grin:


can’t believe anyone else is “up”?

going cycling; Dash on IOS is working, though!!!

Fm: :panda_face::biking_man:t3::hong_kong:Bill’s iPhone 6+


never went to sleep :confused:


i’m having an issue with the python docset working on iOS now. when i select a function it says “error loading, page not found”. all the others work fine.

(Dan Belcher) #12

FYI: I just patched a couple of issues with the Rhino.Python Dash docset that were preventing it from loading properly on Dash for iOS. In the process, I noticed a couple other small bugs and eliminated those as well.

Tangentially, we fully intend to synchronize the contents of the docsets - all of them - with the contents of http://developer.rhino3d.com/api/ but we haven’t quite figured out all the details of this yet. Once we do, all the docsets and online documentation should be kept up-to-date automatically.