Updated Python developer docs are awful

The online programmer’s reference for Python scripting has been updated and it’s a major regression. http://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoScriptSyntax/win/ Many details and helpful examples have been eliminated. For example, look at GetObjects. Under parameters it explains there are filters you can use to limit the selection, but the 19 filters available are not listed like on the old documentation. Lucky for me that I have the old docs saved offline in Dash so I can still find them. Another helpful detail that has been obliterated is the definition of the input for the message. The old docs said “String.” The new docs omits this. Maybe this is obvious to some people but it’s not to me and little clues like that make all the difference sometimes.

I would have a tendency to agree here. Also what seems to be missing is a way to search just the rhinoscriptsyntax documentation - the index and search tabs in the help file are extremely useful - whereas entering something in the search box like GetObjects searches the entire developer doc site. The Help file Index tab also autocompleted, which made getting to a specific item very quick.

I still use the Help file in any case. --Mitch

yeah, it’d be nice if there were a way (and maybe there is?) to search only the rhinoscriptsyntax stuff…
for example, today i needed to do some things with dots but didn’t know the functions… i tried typing ‘dot’ into the search but the results weren’t what i were hoping…
whereas in Dash.app, i get :

that said, using cmmd-F in safari, i’m able to get more of the search functionality i’m after though this method may not be obvious to everyone nor are you presented with a list of matches… but you can cycle through the matches at least.

aside from searching, i find the updated site to be much more clean & modern looking and hope it continues to improve on this new path.

Here is another example of the significant loss of information that prompted my original post. Look at PointAdd. In the new manual the parameter definition reads “point1, point2 = the points to add.” In the old version each parameter was separately listed with a very precise definition of what is required.
“point1 Required. List of 3 numbers, Point3d, or Vector3d. The 3-D point to add to.”
“point2 Required. List of 3 numbers, Point3d, or Vector3d. The 3-D point or a 3-D vector to add.”

The simplified new version only obscures how this function works. The old description tells you everything you need to know, including the fact that there are 3 ways you can pass point parameter data to this function. If I were a new user I’d never know that and would probably be quickly frustrated and abandon scripting. It’s also written in a natural language style, which is easy for newbies to read, so why obliterate it? My point is that good docs can help grow the userbase.

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Again, I have to agree… the Rhinoscript/Rhinoscriptsyntax help files are exemplary… That standard needs to be upheld.


Hi all,

Our goal is to make the new rhinoscriptsyntax documentation better and hope that you understand that the new site is a work in progress.

One major benefit of the new docs that’s not obvious is that the method signatures are generated from the source code where as the help file is a separate static document that has to manually be kept in sync with the changes in the code: a tedious and error prone process.

Your feedback is very important in making the site better. I’ve logged, search and missing data, as the next thing to work on.


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Thanks Alain.

OK, thanks Alain, I’m sure it will be up the usual McNeel quality standards !

Cheers, --Mitch