Rhinos uses 100 % cpu constantly

even when completely IDLE and in the background. Working on the file then stresses the cpu additionally.

just a random guess: do you have a 3dconnexion mouse? I’ve read that there could be some driver issues under macOS 11.0 causing this…
Did you already try unloading all plug-ins?

my 3dconnection is in the cupboard evading dust :slight_smile:

i restarted rhino and now it keeps calm again, i was working pretty intensive in rendered mode on a 1000sm model with quite some textures, hitting render 1 or twice in between something might have hooked up idk. it was just strange that even i did not work on it at all it kept at 80-100% cpu. and i only noticed because the cooler made a bit more noise, since my computer does never activate cooling before heavy gpu work (at least after i stopped using safari which is really naughty) i checked activity monitor.

ah… I know why:

the first time you open the materials tab Rhino starts rendering those small thumbnails -> which takes up 100%… just tested it: I got 949% CPU usage

nope its actually closed, i keep it that way since i noticed performance drops. at this state i was not changing any textures.