RhinoMeshObjects including lines and points


I am experimenting with meshing options…so I wonder if I can include points or lines into the mesh.

Imagine a simple quadrangular Brep with an arbitrary line on it…the question is how could I mesh the Brep so that the start and end point of the line (and couple of points on it) are nodes of the newly created mesh…when I think about it, the question is basically how can I include points…cause I can divide the line on my own…

I guess that for every point I could find the mesh face it lies on and then split the face, thus creating 3 or 4 new ones…this is not the easiest, and definitely not the happiest solution for me…

Any better ideas?


Rhino’s mesher does not look at anything but the underlying surface or polysurface.

Perhaps more information on what you are really trying to do would be helpful.

Thanks Dale,

I want to prepare a surface for FEM Analysis but if I use the FEM software mesher I cannot control it that easily…or lets say I cannot control it automatically as I would want to…So I am trying to build meshes in Rhino that will be “FEM-ready”.

Often you have cases where two plates intersect, or 4 table legs for example…point and linear loads, etc…and when you mesh the plate you want those intersections, lines or points to be included in the mesh… All FEM software meshers have these options… But I guess I would have to develop some methods on my own that recognize lines and points and rearrange the mesh around them…(?)