Wish: Intersection Mesh/Brep

Hello everyone,

I have a wish for Rhino V8. For decades I´ve been struggling with digital terrain mesh models obtained from the Client and structure surfaces created at the office in Rhino. We need to find intersections and collisions. For these purposes, mesh areas need to be converted to breps, with all incorporated negatives (file size, computation time, collapses).

If I may ask to implement intersection (and IntersectTwoSets) that would allow picking both Breps and Meshes?

As of today, if I want to avoid mesh converting, I have to use GH for this (node Intersect mesh/mesh, where breps get meshed instantly, or with more tolerance control made brep meshed before using this node). I understand the limitations of calculations between meshes and breps, but often one needs to find just the elementary curve to work further with.

One could probably use Rendermeshes (which are present anyways) for these calculations with warning message when picking meshes about achievable precision.

What do you think about this idea?

Hi @Pavel2
I believe MeshIntersect will convert nurbs to mesh “on-the-fly” and lets you select both types of geometry. I agree that MeshIntersectTwoSets would be a nice addition to the mesh tools.
HTH, Jakob

Hi Jakob,

I feel quite embarrassed now.

No one at our office was aware of this kind of a function, as we don´t work with meshes if not necessary.

Thank you very much for your time!

Best regards,


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