RhinoInsideRevit Update

Hi, community, hope you all had a great days off. Im interested of when the new release is coming. Really love Rhino Inside and every day i come to see if the new version released. Is there any information of what features coming next (already noticed API development)? May be any links to Roadmap of whats coming?

Hi Mykyta,

The release schedule is Stable on the second Tuesday of the month, weekly Release Candidates and Daily Builds.

Granted, if a major feature such as the API is in the works it gets released when its ready and may throw things off.

In general the road map is driven by what users request here on the forum and in meetings with larger groups of users; Architects, Building Contractors, Fabricators, etc.

The push for the API comes from this, where a major request is for more components, often which are particular for a workflow that 99% of people won’t use. The API will allow faster creation of Tracked Components, more complex workflow development and quicker expansion of standard components.

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Hi Japhy! Thanks you for the information! Now it gets much more clear for me. I gotta dive deeper into API usage on Rhino/RiR cause it seems to be very useful to implement in workflow.