RhinoInside.Revit Family Parameter Issue

Hi There,

I’m new to using grasshopper & RhinoInside Revit, I’ve created a family in Grasshopper using a Revit family template with custom instance parameters for metadata input. The family works within Revit and I can see and edit my parameters in properties, the issue I’m having is that when using the same grasshopper routine & same Revit family template to bring in a second element into the project as a family, the parameters are no where to be found in the second family.

I’m assuming the issue is with Revit but I have attached my grasshopper for reference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To be clear you are creating a new family and that doesn’t have the parameters you are trying to apply? If you use the same script above it would overwrite the previous one.

Correct, I need to create multiple different families with the same editable parameters, the first one works fine but when creating the second, third etc the parameters do not appear. Yes I need the script to overwrite the previous family of the ‘same name’ as these families will change a lot through the design process.

What type of parameters? Text? In your definition you aren’t assigning parameters.

Yes it’s just text parameters for data output, the text parameters are in the Revit template file. I think part of the issue is the routine is linked to the original family I created. Is there a way to close out my routine so it stops running once the family is created?

You can right click on the component and disable.

If you add a parameter to the template it will come in with the new family. You can then overwrite using Set Parameter component.

Everything working fine here.

I’ve right clicked on the component and can’t see any disable.

I don’t need to overwrite any parameters with grasshopper. My issue is that the first family works perfectly with the parameters in Revit (image 1). When creating a second family for a different 3d element with the exact same script the parameters are missing (image 2).

Note: both families are in the same project and I’ve just noticed that the properties are different

Image 1

Image 2

So these are all text parameters in the .rft file? You are just adding new geometry ,new name, via the add new family component, then instantiating and getting different results?

Rickson, that’s correct. I have found a workaround by modifying the original family by changing the name, geometry etc and then re-running the original grasshopper script for the first family but this is a pain to do and also time consuming.