RhinoGears Plugin Works in V5 but not V6 or Beta V7

Haven’t had to use this plug for a while, but last night had a need.

Doesn’t work, but it did (and still does) in V5.

The commands all work in V5, and show up when you start typing them, but do not appear at all in V6.

Any idea why?

I don’t see a new version of that plugin for Rhino 6 being made. https://www.food4rhino.com/app/rhinogears You could ask the developer if they plan any, contact info is on that page.

If you open the plug-in manager in V6/V7, do you see RhinoGears installed?

Nope. Didn’t even realize we HAD a plugin manager now (used to diving down the folder structure to look).

BoltGen shows up, although it’s a python plugin, no GUID, BoltGen_py.RHP.

RhinoGears appears to be a different type of plugin, although the actual commands are still python inside the nested Dev folder.

It worked like a champ in 5.x. FWIW StartAtomListener isn’t working either. if I type if from the command line it gives Listening for Atom Editor Requests on port 8080, but if I try to run it from Atom I get “Rhino isn’t listening for requests, try running StartAtomListener from within Rhino”. Not sure if that has any bearing or not.

Fixed (Sorta).

The installer is apparently putting it in what appears to be the now obsolete “MacPlugins” folder.

It should be in:

/users/(yourusername)/application support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/(version folder i.e. 6.0)/Plug-Ins/PythonPlugins/

So for example in my case to get it to work in v7 beta my path is:

/users/mark/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/7.0/Plug-Ins/PythonPlugins/RhinoGears {646ce5c7-e09c-4985-a994-91c6fe0a8e41}

And that fixes that.

Thanks to Cesar for the quick replies on this.

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