RhinoCommon Docs Version Confusion

Hi McNeel Devs,

With V7 now out, I’m finding it a bit confusing which version the developer documentation is targeting. I have this link bookmarked as RhinoCommon V6 (which I believe is the same one pointing to the current API here), this one as RhinoCommon V5, and this one as RhinoCommon V7 (which has wip in the URL, and I guess is the new V8).

Perhaps you can make it more explicit which version of Rhino the API documentation covers? And make links to the preceding versions available as well?



Edit: Just realised version information is actually at the bottom of the page. I still can’t find the V6 documention now though.

Edit 2: Is this correct then:

I think this will become more important if people have various Rhino Compute versions deployed in production. The Python docs do this by having one copy of the docs per minor version and noting when features were added :

Yeah the Python docs are great at this! To be fair though, the RhinoCommon API Docs do note when a feature was added:

It’s just not super apparent which version of the docs you’re actually viewing, from this information:

Edit: By Python docs being “great at this” I’m referring to this:

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@stevebaer has been working on improved documentation rendering, but I believe it isn’t completely ready yet.


Is there a “Whats New” document outlining the changes from Rhino 6 to 7 (and rhino 5-6 for that matter)? It would be very useful to have this for both RhinoCommon and rhinoscriptsyntax.

The new api site isn’t quite ready, but you can see it at this temporary url. All propertes will have an “available since” note

The list of what’s new is also available on this site at


This looks great! Will there be some option to switch between versions (on a phone, might have missed this option)?

Great! Is there something similar for python rhinoscriptsyntax?

The site was written from scratch so we can add features over time. Feel free to add wishlist items to our issue tracker for the project at

You can see what is new in rhinoscriptsyntax by comparing branches in our github repo

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The new API looks very good so far! “search” tool works much better now. Maybe the text is a bit sparse, wouldn’t mind if it is more compact…

Let’s see how it looks once is finished…

Ah better than nothing. It is a bit clunky comparing to Rhino 5 as it seems that the parent folder names were changed so entire sections were “deleted” and “Added” vs just moved.

Are there any plans to fomalise it more like with RhinoCommon?

Once the new RhinoCommon API site is good enough to become a replacement for what we have now we can start looking into using the new site builder for our other APIs