RhinoCommon API documentation has moved to new platform - eek!

The RhinoCommon API documentation at developer.rhino3d.com has a new look and feel but seems pared back: for example on a quick scan there don’t appear to be any code examples. Is this because it’s a work in progress? And is this the Rhino 7 or Rhino 8 API?

Is there a link to the old-style R7 API documentation?


I follow. . .

It seems that Operators overloading is also missing?

Yep, we have a new site. We are now building the entire site ourselves instead of depending on an out of date program that we had very little control over. We can now make improvements based on feedback to try and have an improved API site.

All of the same examples that were on the older site are still available. Here is a method with an example

This site is for all versions of Rhino including Rhino 8. All properties and methods have information about when they were introduced.


The link you provided is dead for me.

Unfortunately the new documentation site seems to be missing large amount of information that the old docify site had, the sample code snippets is one example. Personally I’m working on Plugin Settings right now and the SettingsSaved event is missing from the new documentation. I went to go look up what I was doing wrong, and there’s just nothing there.

Can you rehost the old documentation until the new documentation at least provides the same amount of information as the new? (Code Snippets, Full List of exported properties, methods, and events)


Sorry about that, I fixed the URL

@mkarimi it looks like docify is missing events when walking through the SDK source. Can we put the old SDK up at some URL so people can compare with the new site?

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The old documentation site can be found here:

@jeremy5 ^^


Perfect thank you!