RhinoCommon API docs site - 'new' vs. 'old'

So, a few weeks (months?) ago, the docs site was updated - now we have this:

Before it looked like this:

So, I’ve been using the new arrangement, but I have to admit that it is (for me at least) not nearly as readable as the old arrangement, and requires far more scrolling and squinting to find the exact info I am looking for.

First question before I get into the specifics is that this seems to be for 8.0 (there is the little 8.0 button in the upper right corner with “what’s new in 8.0”) - is there the equivalent for 7.x with the new formatting? That’s just a minor issue however.

So, I want to find out what `Rhino.Geometry.Brep.Split() looks like with its various overloads.


Get to the whole class

Scroll down to the methods and find Split() and click on it

W-w-wait… All the overloads are now on the same page… which is about a half a mile long. Gotta read through all of them. and it’s not easy to distinguish the separations between the different overload methods (they are very light gray lines here). There’s a lot of space and it’s very hard to read IMO.

Old pages:

Get to the whole class

Scroll down to the methods and find Split() and click on it

Aha, that’s a lot easier to read and find the overload I want. Click on one and I get just its help page

For me that’s a lot easier on the eyes.


I don’t recall: did the old API have that? The “old” site linked from the new one doesn’t seem to have it.

At some point it did, as I had two links, one for 7 and one for 8. But the 8 link doesn’t work anymore so I think that was maybe just temporary at the beginning of the WIP, the one that’s labeled ‘7’ here now links to the new site.

You’d think you could use the search box but it doesn’t appear to search the Available Since field.

You can’t find properties and methods deprecated in, say, 8.0 by searching either. That would be helpful for code review. You either get a page listing all methods, say, and have to scroll to find the deprecated one(s), or you get spurious results like a method page that doesn’t have the word deprecated on it.

The site is intended for all versions of RhinoCommon. There are tags that state when a function was introduced or made obsolete.